“Staying Inspired and Inspire Other”

Today, I have decided to write my first post of the year and I feel there are things that need to be said.

I never thought that I would be writing anything pertaining to what we have all been going through in 2020. Everywhere we turn is sheer panic and anxiety inducing stress from media and people in general hence the toilet paper hoarding situation which we all have heard of by now surrounding the new Covid-19 pandemic. Anyway, I’ll get to the point.

As artists, we are sensitive creatures. Our inspirations are fueled by our emotional states and by the emotions of others. When there is an over abundance of negativity or what we perceive as negative, we internalize it and in turn drain ourselves of our creativity without realizing it. We have all experienced art block due to various stressors. Whatever it is, one thing I can say is this.

As artists, we were given these gifts from God, the original artist, our Creator. We create from the inner depths of our imagination, from our eyes we see the colors in our pieces being intertwined together, and from the intricate nerve endings in our hands we are able to hold our tools to fine tune details that bring our pieces to life. Because of our differences, the expanses of our minds can truly make art an infinite showcase.

Where hope has dwindled, bring happiness back.
Where darkness has settled, bring back the brightness of color.
Where fear lingers, bring back the courage to walk past our own.

The Word of God says to walk by faith not by sight.
Let us show the world what drives our spark,
and leave our mark..

“This Year’s Highlights”

It has been awhile since I have sat down and written a post or poem. All of my creative juices have been placed elsewhere. I prayed about it for awhile and felt God giving me a push to give the idea of an art business a chance. At the start of 2019, I made the decision to create art not only for myself as a hobby but to create art professionally and jump in head first. My thought that I wrestled with was that it was either now or never and that time was going to fly by anyway.

In April, an opportunity came to showcase my art in a local art show. I have never been one to show my art to others aside from family so this was a wonderful change of pace. What really was a wonderful feeling was having guests inquiring about the stories behind my pieces. Connections were made with several talented artists while my husband and I admired their beautiful art pieces.

In October, I opened up a new online shop on RedBubble to sell art merchandise from t-shirts, cell phone cases, comforters and coffee mugs among other items.

On November 16, I participated in my first market at a local business along with several other amazing vendors that sold everything from beautiful artisan soaps, woodwork and lavender products.

These are the highlights of the start of my art business from this year. Several goals from my New Year’s resolution at the start of 2019 were met and it’s now time to finish off the year with more goals!

“Updates and Works in Progress”

For the month of July I have been juggling various projects at the same time while trying to make my studio more efficient. And by more efficient, I mean organizing my supplies so that they can be in plain sight and within easy reach.

This I cannot even take credit for. My loving husband who is extremely creative and handy built this for me to have my paints next to my easel.

Aside from organizing my studio, I have been trying to add more art pieces to my portfolio among other things. Since my business is still in its beginning stages, I have been designing and coming up with a newsletter schedule to send out monthly for you to view. I am learning as I go so bear with me. 

The idea is to give you a sneak peak into a behind the scenes view of my works in progress along with other artsy musings that may be coming up outside the studio. An artist has to get away from her easel, get out and live life every once in awhile right? 
For now until I get a newsletter schedule put together, all of my artsy musings are mainly going to be on my Instagram and Facebook art pages. 
My latest pieces that are in progress:

God bless you and until next time.

“A Memory”

“Love Waits Past the Windmill”
Medium: Water Mixable Oils
Size: 4″ x 4″

This piece depicts a very fond memory that occurred this year in April. My sister in law’s wedding venue was in a secluded part of San Antonio with a lot of hidden treasures which needed exploration.

There was a particular windmill close to their ceremony to me was absolutely breathtaking in each angle and lighting throughout the day and night. It had a rustic yet elegant emotion attached to it that I just had to capture.

“Art Journal Entry: Story Part 3”

It has been a while since my last post due to a bunch of events going on In April such as prepping for my very first art show and now family events in May. I will update you all later on how that went in a later post! Now on to the third part of my art story segment.

I scaled down my canvas sizes mainly to try out a new art medium, water mixable oil paints. It’s a bit of a contradiction but this conundrum has been satisfying and addicting. My painting experiment has now turned into a painting series of six miniature paintings so far. Each one symbolizes a little piece of something that makes me happy.

“Nectar is Fleeting”

Hummingbirds are so free yet fleeting. There’s a lot of them in my husband’s and my yard during the spring and summer.

“Peace In the Night”

The night sky is tranquil and is the time where I am half asleep and half awake. My creativity is most active during this time.

“Fluttering Wings”

Butterflies like in this piece are prevalent as well. They are always seen flitting from flower to flower in our backyard and sometimes even mistaken for flowers themselves.

“Sweetened Dew”

We don’t exactly have apple trees, but we do have a huge fig tree in the front yard. Apples just happen to be one of my favorite fruits.

“Lily in Bloom”

Our backyard has an abundance of pink flowers and this one in particular especially. When the flowers are not in full bloom on the trees, the ground is covered with pink petals.

“Pineapple Still Life”

I wanted to take a bit of a traditional turn with this piece. The intent was to experiment with different yellow hues. There is always a simple elegance when a set up like this is taken a picture of or simply painted.

There was a question posted awhile back on an art page that I participate in asking how one copes with feelings of art is not worth doing because there many other artists. It made me think and really ask myself why I create.

The truth is that I would feel empty without art in my life. It’s part of my essence. Creating art is for myself first before I decide to show it to anyone else. Do what makes your heart and soul sing. When people see that light in you, they’ll gravitate to you like moths to a flame.

God bless you and until next time.

“Mini Experiments Continued”

I have been up a painting storm as of late. It’s taking me a bit longer than expected since I am still getting used to working with water mixable oil paints and am finally getting the hang of it. I am in love with the results though. Here is an update of what I have created thus far.

These are two progress photos of my latest mini paintings.

This is a sneak peak into my latest progress photo. The subject matter is a bit more simple than my other pieces so far. 
-An excerpt from my Instagram post
I have been testing out different lighting for my pieces.

My fifth painting in my mini canvas series
My sixth painting in my mini canvas series

This painting is a bit more traditional than my previous pieces since it shows what a usual still life set up is..except for the pineapples..well maybe the pineapples.

“Art Journal Entry 3: Mini Experiments”

Dear Journal,

The past couple of weeks I have been working on several projects at once. The main ones being of miniature size. Yes, I scaled down my canvas sizes to 2.5″ x 2.5″ to mainly try out a new art medium, Lukas Berlin water mixable oil paints. I went on a small online shopping spree on Jerry’s Artarama to get my supplies. But, that’s beside the point.

It’s a bit of a contradiction, but this conundrum has been satisfying and addicting. The paints are very vibrant and more forgiving than acrylics. In other words, I can take my time working on my pieces instead of a faster pace. My painting experiment has now turned into a painting series of four miniature paintings thus far.

Each one symbolizes a little piece of something that makes me happy. Hummingbirds are so free yet fleeting. There’s a lot of them in my husband’s and my backyard during the spring and summer.

The night sky is tranquil and is the time where I am half asleep and half awake. My creativity is most active during this time.

Butterflies like in one of my pieces are prevalent as well. Tiger lily butterflies, (I could be wrong on the name) frequent our trees and yard as well just as often as the hummingbirds.

We don’t exactly have apple trees, but we do have a huge fig tree in the front yard. Apples just happen to be one of my favorite fruits.

There was a question posted on an art page that I participate in asking how one copes with feelings of not worth doing art, because of there being many other artists out there who do.

It makes me think and really ask myself why I create.

The truth is that I would feel empty without art in my life. It’s a part of my essence. Creating art is for myself first before I decide to show it to anyone else. Do what makes your heart and soul sing. When people see that light in you, they’ll gravitate to you like moths to a flame.

There will be more day to day musings to come.

“My Latest Art Piece and Its Meaning”

This past week I have been working on my latest painting and posting daily work in progress pictures throughout the process and started up an art journal to keep track of progress.

The title I gave my painting is “A Fragile Bird Held in Large Unseen Hands.” The medium is done in acrylics and on an 11″ x 14″ canvas.

There is a meaning behind this piece that I hope resonates with you in different ways.

Here is my first art journal entry:

Dear journal,

To put it simply, I painted hands holding a baby bird. Not just any hands but God’s hands. I painted this to convey a deeper feeling and root of what love entails. Painting is a nonstop experimentation process. Blending various shades and hues were used to create a sunset setting into twilight. White gives an ethereal spiritual light behind the hands. The yellow-green and darker shades of green add to the natural aspect of the bird and creative nature of God such as the creation of animals and plants and life in general. We are fragile tiny beings like this bird in His hands. The piece brings a mixture of fear, resignation, peace, relief, and happiness all rolled up into one. It is a bit of an extreme combination of emotions but there is a reason behind them. The reason being is a long story in itself but is summed in one of several poems that I wrote four years ago titled, “Facade of Vulnerability.” The hands were painted with the colors burnt sienna, cadmium yellow, permanent red, and titanium white. The names are a mouthful to say, but each one was combined to give a darker earth and sun-worn appearance. The tiny bird is painted in light green and yellow. Again, it adds on to the natural beauty and fragility of life. Think about it for a second. Anyone can pluck a bird from its nest or the ground and slowly crush it snuffing out the life it holds. it holds the same for us. We in our youth live as if we are invincible, impervious to sickness, pain, or death. It is until we experience something life-altering that your perspective changes and you hit a brick wall. Your own fragility and vulnerability are unveiled. That is where faith comes in…the art of letting go and letting God carry you.


Hannah Naomi Quintero

“Artsy Handmade Valentine Gifts and a Bit of History”

Happy Valentine’s Day, Single’s Awareness Day or Anti-Valentine’s Day, everyone. However, you all choose to celebrate or not either on the day itself or later, kudos to all and do your own thing.

Aside from making Valentine gifts and goodies, I’ve been looking up a wee bit of Valentine history. We all know of February 14th as being a day of love filled with hearts, candies, flowers, and cards. But did you know that the actual backstory is very morbid? There were martyrs both named or called St. Valentines who were persecuted in Rome in the years 169-270 A. D.

It was originally a feast to celebrate two martyrs decapitation. Talk about grim I say. There were many more martyrs that were referred to as “Valentini” that were persecuted years prior to these two, but not much is known about them.

Well anyway, you get the picture. This is just a bit that I read. Here’s a link to an article that I found if you want to read up on it for yourself. If you’re like me that has random sparks of curiosity from one time or another, have at it and enjoy:


Now on to the happy, bubbly stuff I wanted to show you. It’s a bit late I know, but better late than never as I always say. Also in the light of recent events, we all need faith and positive vibes in our lives as difficult as it may be at times.

The main reason I’ve been holding back on posting this is that I was making these gifts for my fiancé. Plus, I wanted to keep them a surprise until we saw each other.

Yes, it’s just a variant of the sugar cubes variation that I made back during the Christmas season. The only difference obviously is the heart shape. There was a bit more experimenting done this time because of the new shapes. For some of you that are probably reading my post for the first time, I have the directions to make them in my previous handmade gift post.

The second part of my gift is a bit artsier. It involves a collage book so it’s more of a mixed media touch than an ordinary Valentine card or a step above handmade Valentines that we are used to seeing with cutout hearts and such.

It started pretty much like this in the beginning of the project.


Ok, I know what you’re probably thinking. “What is with all the cutouts? It just looks like a jumbled up mess.” I can assure you that there is a method to my madness. But my method is not your method. You have to use what works for you.

It is pretty easy to get started and you can use what you already have laying around the house. For just a basic collage, you will need these things:

  • Magazines of your choice
  • Rubber cement (Glue sticks will work just as well.

Mod Podge (This you don’t have to have, but if you want your pieces to stay in place more securely or if you want to add clear texture, this is what you can use.)

  • Cardstock or construction paper of any size to use as a firm background to paste your pictures Note: Regular computer paper or notebook paper will not work very well because rubber cement will cause the paper to warp and it won’t dry flat.
  • Scrapbook Scissors (They have a thinner and sharper point so they’re easier to
  • handle than regular scissors.)

Begin with a subject that you want. It can be as simple as dogs or cats. Cut up pictures or images that relate to it or words that you feel can add descriptions to the subject. You can do a collage based on emotions, politics, and family. Anything really.

You can cut out any pictures or images that you want to include. Cut out as many as you want and randomly. The best pieces come from the most unlikely of pictures and subjects. The choice is yours.

If really you want to add dimension because you can and you want brownie points, you can make it into a flipbook.

This is the cover of my flipbook.


This is the cover page of sorts and title. The rest of the pictures on here are meant to tell a story through images and words. It is up to the person to interpret it however he or she wishes.

I hope you have enjoyed the steps and images of my latest piece. If you would like me to post more ideas of the step by step process and how I go about it or if you have any questions, leave me a comment. Also, I would love to know what your interpretations are for this piece.

Until next time. Take care and God bless you.

“First Bullet Journaling Adventure: How to Get Started”  

I am not the most organized person in the world, yet I am extremely punctual with appointments and outings. When it comes to my art supplies, I’m a stickler for how they’re stored and where. It’s as contradictory as a starburst I know but it is what it is.

If you know exactly what I’m talking about, you have maybe tried writing down memos while having them within easy reach to read daily or instead keep a planner. Some people enjoy planners for the sheer repetitiveness and can keep up with them and that’s ok kudos to them.

I’ve used planners for a while and can never keep up with them from day to day. I usually see it as something to fill out if I have things to do or scheduled that day. If there isn’t anything, it’s left blank.

Don’t get me wrong. Many of them have beautiful designs and weekly quotes to keep me motivated, but I feel there’s not much room for anything else. Even trying to be tech savvy and leaving reminders on my Google calendar on my phone doesn’t really help. By this point, you know it’s really bad.

As a sort of New Year’s resolution, I’m trying something a little different with my art and blog organization, well with everyday life mixed in it of course. We can’t forget that now can We? If you keep up with YouTube and Instagram, then you’ve seen a bunch of beautiful spreads and notebooks just gleaming with different colored calligraphies and ink.

Bullet Journaling is apparently now “a thing”. Well, it has been for awhile, but silly me just recently stumbled upon it looking for organization tips. Check out Boho Berry and several others on YouTube whenever you get the chance. Boho Berry’s journals, in particular, are absolutely stunning!

In this random makeshift journey, I’m going to give bullet journaling a try. After several videos and articles trying to figure the format of it later, I have come up with my own. Granted it’s not that fancy or detailed, but I feel it’s getting the job done at this point.

Join me on a bullet journal journey. Get yourself a notebook of your choice: lined, dotted or blank. Your next item is a good fine point pen and a few colored gel pens for variety. Some people add stickers to their pages, but again that’s up to you.

The second thing you need to do is set up your Index and Key. The index helps you stay on track with pages which will be a lot of and the key is a basic sign system to keep track of appointments, chores etc.

This is what I have done so far. So let’s get organized together and learn along with me.

Until next time.


“True Art: What is it?”

Everyone is familiar with Jackson Pollock. If the name does not ring a bell, you may have seen one of his more famous works briefly in movies or shows. Pollock’s work was extremely abstract. Still nothing? Here’s a picture to jog your memory.


This is one of his more famous works which is titled “Convergence.” I do not intend to give a full analysis on his piece (I will probably save that for later.) What I am really driving at is what we all perceive as appealing and beautiful when it comes to art. Someone may see this piece in person and say that it speaks volumes to them while another may see it as just a bunch of paint splatters. I will have to admit I thought so at first until I saw one of Pollock’s pieces in person at the Dallas Museum of Art a few years ago. There is a lot more precision that went into his paintings that meets the eye.

What I personally find appealing and awe-inspiring may not be another person’s cup of tea. I adore Steampunk, Victorian and Renaissance art. The emphasis of the human form was very apparent for its time. Steampunk is a mixture of science fiction and Victorian genres all rolled into one. Art is a fabrication deep from within our imaginations that is brought to life in many mediums and others are just purely miraculous.


Some may find Gothic or gory art consisting of undead creatures and zombies as beautiful and others may not have the stomach for it. Science fiction art and anime may be inspring for future animators while others that are not interested in these genres may not understand them. Although, have you ever seen a Studio Ghibli or Hayao Miyazaki film? The artwork is breathtaking! Then again, that’s just me though. If you do decide to check out anything by these animators, I recommend “Howl’s Moving Castle.” You will not be disappointed.

These same tastes can apply to the realm of artists as well aside from people that appreciate art. Many of us artists create for the sole purpose to unleash our emotions and pour it into our pieces reflecting each of our individual styles. So then, what is true art really? It stems from anything you want it to be and everywhere. Junk in scrap yards is another person’s treasure or artwork in this case that involves building sculptures. Numerous materials, threads and buttons are a textile artist’s dream. 

Cut outs from old magazines can become beautiful collages in the hands of a mixed media artist. Film makers with their detailed visions direct documentaries giving in depth incite into the lives of many all over the world to raise awareness. Photographers capture emotions through camera and lighting. Art therapists who are also artists heal..heal an individual’s inner turmoils through the passion they love so much.

Art is a root that connects each one of us towards each other and beyond. It is just a matter of how far we are willing to reach the depths of our imaginations to see and look for art through different lenses. 

“It’s About Time!”

Purpablo Fangcasso, my mini studio assistant, is a bit amused it seems. Almost saying, “It’s about time!”
I finished my painting experiment that I had been putting off because of well distractions with other projects. This one was a slower process surprisingly since it needed several layers. As you can probably tell the painting was done on not a traditional canvas, but on a cabinet door.
Yes, I said it…a cabinet door. The paint took to the wood well so I deem it a success!

Check out more posts featuring Purpablo on my Instagram page: Hannah Quintero Art.

That’s all for now. God bless you.

“A Mini Art Experiment”

This year one of my goals is to paint more often. Yes, painting more in the sense that I will create more of my usual canvas sizes, but I intend to try downsizing.

No, not downsizing my studio space, but trying out different mediums on a tinier scale.

These tiny experiments will be on 4″ x 4″ canvases. My intent is to prep several canvases to do a painting a day.

It won’t be with my usual acrylic medium though, but with water mixable oil paint. I love the look and texture of oil paint, just not the smell of the fumes from the thinners that have to be used. Hence, a more eco-friendly and healthy alternative.

I have only these four prepped so far and intend to have a few more made along with three more canvases in a slightly larger size.

Now to get painting.