An Epic 36 Second KO

Rousey vs. Correia Everyone is aware by now of the latest UFC buzz about the latest fight with Ronda Rousey and Bethe Correia.  You may have watched it in a local sports bar, or at a friend’s place. The beginning glares in the weigh in to the first and only round that ended as abruptly as it started literally in a blink of an eye. The fight ended in an impresive 36 seconds with the opponent quickly put on the ground. Nothing more than an explosive flurry of punches and knees! Can you imagine the pounds of pressure in each hit to withstand? Think about it, really think about it. Impressive enough was her speed, footwork, and jab combinations with not even a single Judo submission move having to be used. Basically, the epitome of not having to break a sweat! There is a mixture of opinions of the current champion positive and negative. But one thing is certain. She is an impressive martial artist with the experience and rank to back it up.


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