Vintage Weekend

Now where can one find such a quaint book nook as this?

I have always wanted to see one in person and luckily during a friend’s wedding weekend a few months back, part of the bridal party aka lovely friends/bridesmaids and I stayed in an attic room with this beautiful nook. The book nerds that we were, we gushed at the various books and old photo albums that were among the collection.

Arranged books
Arranged books

Our reservations were made at Inn on the Creek a very quaint bed and breakfast in Salado, TX. The place was very distinctive. For some that are not familiar with the vintage town, will find the Inn to be a bit hidden by narrow road ways and lush trees that can easily be missed. By the time we reached the door of the Inn, we called from the outside using an antique phone so that the entrance could be unlocked for us.

Once you step inside it is like your stepping back in time…as if walking through a time dimensional portal sort of speak to the 1800s minus the top hats, monocles, corsets and bustles. We were given our skeleton keys (yes, I said skeleton keys) and stayed on the third floor called the McKie Room, which was quite beautiful I might add.

If you are not familiar with Texas at all, I would very much recommend that you check the place out. Also, the breakfast was delightful!  Breakfast


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