Fairly recently I worked on a mixed media piece titled “Dissociation.” To create this painting, I used acrylic paint and various collage pieces. The color combination is intended to be viewed as antique. At least, this is how I view it. I do not have a specific answer as to why I created this. My artwork coincides with my poetry. To me, they both go hand in hand. What one cannot express through written word, the other can express vividly through color and texture.

Each piece placement represents various human emotions that a person may feel at any given moment: loss of identity, loss of family, loss of God, heartbreak while trying to come together at a pinnacle for peace. Two skeleton keys crossed over a lockless door represent a barricaded subconscious and thoughts that cannot be opened or are intentionally suppressed…Two points of love, but are unable to be opened. We all feel a loss for something. Whatever it may be varies from indvidual to individual. Some may have seperate rooms, others a maze, a single spacious room…It is a matter of making our own key hole to see inside, behind the doors. Dissociation from what is real and fiction..everyone has a different connotation of reality. The question is: What is truly holding you back?


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