Arushas: A Relaxing Atmosphere

Belton…known by the proud students of the local university, the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor or just UMHB for short and widely known as Cru Country (no really there’s plenty of billboards haha).  It is one of the many small towns that run along the Texas Bible belt.

Just a quick intro to give about the quaint town or maybe I am just biased since I graduated from UMHB. I lived in the area for six years because of school and the main thing I can say I have seen come and go are coffee shops. Well I prefer herbal teas and am not much of a coffee drinker…don’t get me wrong I actually love the aroma just not so much the taste. It is a bit ironic, I know. I happen to love the ambience of low key coffee shops whether it is enjoying good company, a piping hot cup of tea, studying for upcoming classes, listening to live music, reading a good book, the list can go on.

Now Arushas is the latest coffee shop in Belton, located in its historic downtown. A lot of the original architecture is intact so for anyone that is a bit of a history buff, you will definitely find that alone, fascinating. As for the coffee and tea, all are imported. The walls are lined with the various coffee grounds from Africa, South America, Cuba, you name it.

Coffee galore
Coffee galore

But my favorite part, of course is the tea smorgesboard which is another wall lined with imported teas from China, Japan, India, etc. which the baristas will courteously let you take a good whiff before you make your selection. (I didn’t take a picture of the wall sadly).

Tea ware and more tea ware
Tea ware and more tea ware

The latest flavor I have tried is Monkey Fruit Oolong tea, which has a very sweet floral smell and delicate taste. What is nice for vegans and vegetarians, (if you happen to be one),  is that everything is organic, down to the honey and rock sugar. (Don’t question the rock sugar, just try it!) 🙂

Tea Pots and more Tea Pots


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