KO by “The Preacher’s Daughter”


The shocking outcome of the fight between Rousey and Holm left many fans near and far utterly speechless. Professional boxing with a bit of kickboxing vs. Judo…it is an aggressive combination if you think about it.

From speculation of Ronda having a broken jaw to mocking, heated remarks from fans on both sides, and others rejoicing Ronda’s first loss…it has definitely been a dramatic topic.

Every martial arts style has its strengths and weaknesses as do fighters. It is a mixture of not only physical preparation but mental as well. Focus and a calm demeanor has to be maintained on your opponent’s movements and patterns at all times.

It does not matter how strong you are..how much you can bench press..how many miles you can run..if you underestimate your opponent in any way, your judgement can be clouded and jeopardize your defenses in a fight in the ring or out.

Holm aka “The Preacher’s Daughter” displayed her strength against “Rowdy.” Strengths and weaknesses were definitely exploited in this match. But when it boils down to it, both fighters are excellent in their disciplines.

Rousey’s judo groundwork is exceptional. Anyone that finds themselves in her vice grip are very much dismantled. Holm’s boxing and striking skill is incredible; she displayed very diverse footwork combinations mixed with speedy jabs. Ultimately, Holm landed a nasty roundhouse kick to Ronda’s head/side of the neck in a stunning K.O. claiming the bantamweight championship title.

At the end of the night, my respect goes out to both fighters for their passion and skill at what they do.


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