After Thanksgiving Thoughts

As autumn leaves fall leaving behind crinkling sounds with each footstep…another begins to draw to a close. We have all spent one day counting our many blessings throughout the year while indulging ourselves to the point of turkey comas…
One question still burns though…
Why be thankful and show our appreciation one day out of the year when everyday should be a day of Thanksgiving?

We opened our eyes this morning. You may have simply walked to the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee or a piece of toast before heading out the door to begin your day…greeted your loved ones or given the love of your life a kiss…
Each blessing is surmountable. It is a matter of looking at the tiniest of detail.

Some may think “you don’t understand my situation,” “my life is so stressful,” “I have depression,” “there was a loss in the family,” “I can’t handle anymore…”
We all have our reasons, but it is a matter of sympathy towards one another whether we understand or not.

it does not matter how much a person may or may not have, we all share something valuable. You have to dig deep or look in front of you.

Which leads to one last thing to think about.


If we are blessed with so many things, why does greed consume us less than 24 hours obtain things we may not necessarily need?



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