Comical Gifts

Even though Valentine’s Day or Singles Awareness Day for some has already past, it’s always good to remember the highlights anyway. Here is some Valentine’s humor. Enjoy!

As the saying goes, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” …Or more less to that effect. Well in this case, when life gives you an abundance of grandiose lemons, why not give them away as a gift and make tea instead?


Or when there is a gift of music, why not delight the less fortunate (especially to the ones who can’t sing ahem *raises hand).


Chocolate galore, it didn’t stand a chance unfortunately. The scarf is intricate although it would be epic if these musical notes are from an actual song. Curiousity has not ceased. A handmade wooden frog can break the awkward silence barrier if there’s any or cause one whichever comes first.  The cazoo still remains a mystery. No seriously..I tried and sound like a dying goose (highly doubt I’m doing it right).


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