Life’s Interpretations

Looking at a picture, have you ever wondered what the story behind it is about? Interpretation is a constant battle. We all perceive things differently so there is never a right or wrong answer. We base them on our lives, experiences, and values. The list goes on.  As of late, there has been quite a few to be made in and out of class.
One classmate chose this illustration for our class discussion. It definitely stuck out. Why? I can’t say. It could be the psychological aspect. It could maybe be something subconscious. Who knows.


One thing that is for certain is that the illustration is absolutely gorgeous. The use of color value and contrasting from light to dark is very apparent. There is a playful innocence to the spilled colors but a deep sadness resonating from the child. The dark colors of an apocalyptic society looms in the background. It seems like it strongly symbolizes a form of isolation or separation from the corruption and pollution of society to innocently express creativity.
It shows that with hardships that continue on in society, hearts and mental states are hardened, suppressing the natural joys of expression that lay in all of our hearts. Creativity is the embodiment of a child since children are true artists. Such as Pablo Picasso said, “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

An interesting notion, would you think so?


2 thoughts on “Life’s Interpretations

  1. I see passion being drowned. I see one girl standing alone against the islands of industry and production. There is still hope as she still holds the brush in her hand. Society has placed more importance on production than passions. The little girl wants to be an artist but that innocent childhood dream is being drowned by what society deems of value. Due to the constant fracking of the sea floor or heart of the earth or heart of the individual, whirlpools have been created that suck the passion right out of people. But again, the brush is still in her hand.

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