Illuminaria Festivities

San Antonio, Texas..home of the Alamo, River Walk, and apparently a bit more.
This is a bit late and overdue but the experience was still great and impressionable all the same. When my friend took me to this Illuminaria Festival in February, the name I have to say caught me off guard. I was thinking and asked with a raised eyebrow, “Why are you taking me to an Illuminati gathering? there something that I’m not aware?”
His response was, “No, it’s called the Illuminaria Festival. No Illuminati involved.”
“Oops! Ok good! Because I swear I heard Illuminati. Haha”
Now let’s pause right here. I misheard the name off the bat and I give everyone a hard time so that’s another thing. Comic relief…It’s part of my nature, embedded in my DNA I suppose.
Other than that, the festival was wonderful. Pretty great for all of us night owl art enthusiasts or artists needing inspiration.
There was a touch of whimsy walking in.



Some pieces were self-explanatory in their conveyed message.



Others needed a longer pause to reflect and interpret.


And others? Well, some had messages that are not for the faint of emotion sort of speak. Things many cannot get away with expressing without offending someone in this day and age.
Sadly, we were so entranced by the large collections on display that we did not take enough pictures. But then, there will be other times.


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