Taking Root


Interesting how details are very apparent in nature. Gnarled textures just add life to a tree’s many scars.


Each scar tells an experience in that particular moment. Like people, some are visible while others hide deeply beneath the surface. Turmoil can weigh one down and eventually need support to bear its heaviness.


Beyond the turmoil, strength takes root..thickening and spreading with time. Embodying a sense of immortality.


2 thoughts on “Taking Root

  1. I can say that I feel immortal. In a way, I am untouchable. Although, I don’t know if that is a good thing. I do not know if being conditioned to accept pain is something good. I can say that many fears have gone away because of past experience. Those scars have made me whole. And I am even stronger when my roots are fed by the word of God. In actuality Jesus has made me whole with his final gift of salvation. And knowing that I am the image of God himself, i fear nothing and feel I am capable of things I would have never imagined before. But like a tree, we go through seasons. Those seasons are for the purpose of growth. A winter-like season in our lives might be tough, but without it, we wouldn’t know what we are capable of or seek out what truly makes us live.

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    1. I like that. It’s very profound. There’s a scripture in Ecclesiastes that describes seasons in more depth. Feeling pain or being numb to it depends on the situation in life I would say. The world we live in is not perfect so pain is inevitable. It’s a matter of finding ways through it.


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