“Raining Mandalas”

No it is not really raining mandalas as the title says. There are so many that have been created from different eras of time.  Looking up various kinds and brain storming ideas just makes it seem so. Now what is a Mandala? You have probably seen some and did not realize it. Unless you have studied psychology in college or done research on the side, you may have dabbled into them at some point. Mosaic tiles, hand stitched quilts, interwoven rugs, doilies, etc. etc.


In ancient culture and religion, Mandala is actually a Sanskrit word which simply means circle. It is often used for meditation. Each circle creates unity through physical and metaphysical representation just as the monks in the picture.


So yes, there is a lot of deep meaning behind each intricate design.


Selecting the medium and imagining a design is only half the journey.
Now on to creating some of my own…


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