“Summer Tea Adventure”

I have been off the grid for awhile. It’s quite sad, but to be expected getting things ready for graduate school can be time consuming. Although, I managed to capture a few mini adventures in the mean time.
If you are ever in San Antonio and you need your good ol’ cup of Joe (or whatever you call your coffee) or a fancy cup of tea, Candlelight Café is an elegant and artsy little spot to stop by. Hands down, it beats Starbucks tenfold *ahem, oops I just said it out loud. From the outside it looks like an antique house so it can easily be missed when you’re passing it.


The food was a Moroccan chicken dish that was delicious. I would have taken a picture but I was ravenous and it was devoured in a few minutes. However, I did manage to take a picture of my tea set that was served to somewhat make up for it.


There was a silk and satin cake also that for some reason tasted like rum. Yes, I’m pretty sure Captain Jack Sparrow would have taken a fancy to it and made off with the whole dish. No, there was not really rum in it, but it did have a strong flavor that was indescribable..not bad at all.
But..you guessed it…
It got devoured too. So much for a blog post huh? So here’s a view of the barista area and overall interior.
Until next time, when there will be more photos and possibly documentaries. Who knows?


2 thoughts on ““Summer Tea Adventure”

  1. This place reminds me of a place I had went with someone. The walls were decorated in art but in places above where people are sitting. So you had to awkwardly stand in people’s person space to get a good look of the art. But other than that, it was a great place and would go back again and again. Them again, this might be the same place. This place had many wines and cakes and the person I was with wanted her own cake to herself….didn’t know if she wanted to try all the cakes or was just hungry…Mind you I do not have a big sweet tooth and couldn’t eat a whole one myself. Anyway, food was great, scenery is uncanny, and they had a great selection of beers too I wish I could drink. >:) I hope to visit this that place again. Gentlemen, your girlfriends will like this place if you are looking to plan a date, just remember, try stuff her with appetizers and the main course so she doesn’t want to eat all the cakes and the baristas are not confused on which one she wants while they look at you with concern. The coffee is quite good.

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    1. Well, good sir you seemed to have been quite concerned with your date’s fluffy appetite or maybe she was just relishing the tasty morsels. Hence, your outcry to future dates. It could not have been that bad. 😁


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