“Green and Eco-Friendly Brunch”

A nice vegan brunch on a beautiful sunny day is not only for the health nuts but the carnivorous population also!
Yes..vegan and vegetarian diets can actually be tasty if done right. Vegetables can be as delectable as candy. Falafel burritos and giant burgers galore just as you would see in any restaurant..just more eco-friendly and vegetable filled.
Again..I was too hungry to take a picture of my brunch, but it did end with nice cupcakes.


Thoughts may be buzzing…”Aren’t cupcakes defeating the purpose of vegan eating?”
Not quite..these are completely gluten free with no animal byproducts but still just as tasty as any regular cupcake. No milk or eggs were extracted in the baking of these morsels. The white cupcake is flaxseed flavored and the green one is green tea flavored. They are lightly sweetened so it is not overwhelming to the senses. Such a shame I couldn’t eat more. I was dive bombed before I could grab the serving platter. (No I really did not grab the platter. I was tempted though. There’s a difference.)
Green Vegetarian Cuisine is the name and clean eating is the game. So pass by the Pearl Brewery to look for it or just go to the eat green website if you are a bit lazy. Either way, it is a culinary adventure.


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