“Overcoming Artist’s Block: Nearly There” 

I am gradually working on my first oil painting, but things in life have been getting in the way. Mourning my grandpa’s death with my family put many of us on pause. Viewing the mixing of my grandpa and grandma’s ashes and military service opened up broken hearts that had been barely starting to scar over. Hearing the taps and firing of rifles had everyone of us tearing.

  Step 3: Use emotions to open your mind and heart to color. It may seem a bit redundant or contradictory to think of it in this light, but using emotions can be a form of self therapy. An internal question may be, would it not deepen my artist’s block?  My answer has developed into a yes and no response. Yes, in the sense that sadness, is a fog covering the subconscious with past memories of dark and grey. It prevents processing of colors to surface for painting. No, is another reasoning, because it is a form of fuel to create ideas or..move in a “Robotic Zen”. While in a “Robotic Zen”, you paint in a rhythm of colors with a shadow covering all thoughts and no distractions to interefere. 

There are hints of gold and silver in crevices where light can’t reach.


2 thoughts on ““Overcoming Artist’s Block: Nearly There” 

  1. As a musician writing music, I struggle with the same thing. I find the only way to overcome the artist block is to just finish what you started. Because of my perfectionist mentality, I am afraid of mistakes. One has to understand that there are no mistakes in art. I had to overcome the fact that not all my work was going to be a hit or liked by everyone. The question is “am I happy with my music and the hard work and understanding I put into it?” even if no else understands it.

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