“Rockin’ a Squat”

Now it has been many moons since I have written about fitness or anything related to fitness in awhile. This year I have tried a few fitness challenges some that involve some interesting meal plans and others a mixture of weights. This one however was a bit different. It was a “Rock Your Squat Challenge” where everyday exercises consisted of burning everything including body fat, legs, and yes the bum. There were tutorial ebooks and videos to follow along to to show technique and form which definitely made a difference.

I did not quite look like this poor little guy, but it was a bit difficult on the second day. It was uncomfortable to sit down which came as a surprise, but I made it through the front squats, goblet squats, and barbell squats which resulted in a happy dance at the end of the week. Booya!


A Comical Labor Day Weekend

I am a bit late in posting this but better late than ever. While everyone was enjoying out of town get aways or barbeques with family and friends, mine was spent running around in costume. Halloween is not for another month but dressing up and mosying around the city looking at other random people dressed up just as crazy or crazier was actually pretty entertaining.

My fiance being Raiden and me in a Steampunk assassin get up. San Japan is the random name of this random place where there are random people running around in costumes.

San Japan is an anime convention where nerds and geeks congregate and celebrate their inner geek, well mainly outer geek in this case. “The nerd level was over 9000!” (Watch the anime Dragon Ball Z and the reference will be more clear. I promise.)

From really bad daigon which is hard to describe really only that it tasted as if the whole salty ocean came flooding into our mouths shriveling our insides to documenting and roaming around the river walk with swords and taking pictures, it was overall a really epic weekend.

Yes, the daigon was that bad and no it was not just us. My fiance and friend that have iron clad stomachs could not even swallow it which is saying a lot. We ended the evening by possibly scaring a group of stoned people on a bridge to scaring some tipsy people at the river walk. Sadly, I did not document those expressions.

Well, the pictures speak for themselves.

Inner and Outer Persona

What lies deep within us is our perceived versions of ourselves. An art project that I worked on fairly recently delved around cultural identity. Before we can begin to understand and help others, we must first understand ourselves and where we come from. Our inner persona refers to the perception of how we view ourselves. The outer persona is how we feel others view us.

Each piece of media, paint, fabric, and quote incorporates puzzle pieces that unify the process of my mind. Interpretation is up to the individual in how they view it and how it speaks to them.

“Artistic Healing”

I came across this course by accident. Sometimes I perceive accidents as opportunistic. Things in life are beyond our control yet they happen for a reason. Healing through Art” so far has been “unusually therapeutic. Some techniques I was aware of and others not so much. 

Aside from classes, taking on or trying my first art challenge is another form of art healing to conquer artist’s block. I know I have laid heavily on it in my last few posts but it has definitely been the biggest form of it that has ever graced this green earth. 

Stay tuned for upcoming pieces in my future art challenge or challenges. 

“Overcoming Artist’s Block: Nearly There” 

I am gradually working on my first oil painting, but things in life have been getting in the way. Mourning my grandpa’s death with my family put many of us on pause. Viewing the mixing of my grandpa and grandma’s ashes and military service opened up broken hearts that had been barely starting to scar over. Hearing the taps and firing of rifles had everyone of us tearing.

  Step 3: Use emotions to open your mind and heart to color. It may seem a bit redundant or contradictory to think of it in this light, but using emotions can be a form of self therapy. An internal question may be, would it not deepen my artist’s block?  My answer has developed into a yes and no response. Yes, in the sense that sadness, is a fog covering the subconscious with past memories of dark and grey. It prevents processing of colors to surface for painting. No, is another reasoning, because it is a form of fuel to create ideas or..move in a “Robotic Zen”. While in a “Robotic Zen”, you paint in a rhythm of colors with a shadow covering all thoughts and no distractions to interefere. 

There are hints of gold and silver in crevices where light can’t reach.

“Overcoming Artist’s Block in Progress”

Now to be continued from my previous post, I completed the first step and finished my drawing which is titled “Steampunk Portrait.” It took me a bit longer to complete which it normally would which made me devise my second step to conquering artist’s block. 

Step two: Everything is your inspiration. Now find it. We are all different and with these differences, our souls draw us to things that maybe we are subconsciously lacking or yearning for. 

I looked through magazines, other blogs, and books the list goes on and on. My inspiration this time was from a book that I received as a present titled “The Steampunk Bible.” No there is nothing blasphemous, but it is filled with pure whimsy and oddities that many will appreciate. 

“Overcoming Artist’s Block”

Artist’s block is a pain. There are no two ways about it. Lately, I am pushing through it and coming up with various inspirations in the process. My latest drawing inspiration is based from a book called the “Steampunk Bible” that I received from my boyfriend for Christmas. 

Every artist has their own one step method so it is difficult to say what would be the most precise. Right now, I am creating my personalized steps as I go. 

Step 1: Free your mind by prayer and breathing. Our minds encompass poison that feed our inner demons…demons that douse our creative energies. 

There will be more on my battle of artist’s block and my attempt at trying to teach myself to oil paint. 

“Art and Meditation” 

It has been a bustling semester filled with art pieces and work galore. To end my first art therapy semester, I had to create meditative mandalas.
 Meditative breathing and concentration..contemplative questions..existential… 

All were used to bring to light inner thoughts. Who am I? What is my purpose? In other words, “All things we create are partial self-portraits.” -Bruce Moon 

Well, there was a touch of fur and humor mixed in with my meditative contemplation. Night, my fur baby was helping make the mandalas.

Or steal and chew on my pencils..whichever came first.

“Sea World Adventure”

The aquatic expedition of sorts will be split in little episodes of sorts because there’s quite a few pictures and videos. Sea lions were the silly introduction to the day.

Sea lions are extremely cute up close and sound acutely similar to excitable puppy dogs. Hmm well they would not be called “perros de agua” in Spanish for nothing.

“Green and Eco-Friendly Brunch”

A nice vegan brunch on a beautiful sunny day is not only for the health nuts but the carnivorous population also!
Yes..vegan and vegetarian diets can actually be tasty if done right. Vegetables can be as delectable as candy. Falafel burritos and giant burgers galore just as you would see in any restaurant..just more eco-friendly and vegetable filled.
Again..I was too hungry to take a picture of my brunch, but it did end with nice cupcakes.


Thoughts may be buzzing…”Aren’t cupcakes defeating the purpose of vegan eating?”
Not quite..these are completely gluten free with no animal byproducts but still just as tasty as any regular cupcake. No milk or eggs were extracted in the baking of these morsels. The white cupcake is flaxseed flavored and the green one is green tea flavored. They are lightly sweetened so it is not overwhelming to the senses. Such a shame I couldn’t eat more. I was dive bombed before I could grab the serving platter. (No I really did not grab the platter. I was tempted though. There’s a difference.)
Green Vegetarian Cuisine is the name and clean eating is the game. So pass by the Pearl Brewery to look for it or just go to the eat green website if you are a bit lazy. Either way, it is a culinary adventure.